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Prayer Wall

The Power of "Prayer Requests"
Make a request or offer your prayers to help others

Use The Prayer Wall

Can be used by anyone with a need.
Share with others in hospitals or shut in.
Encourage others to join in.

We Welcome You

Come And Visit With Us
We Can Learn And Grow Together

Keep Us In Your Prayers

Hope To See You At Service
Or Catch Up On Your Bible Study

The Last Time You Read Your Bible?

The last time you studied your bible?
Union Springs AME Zion church has access for our members to enjoy.
Bible Super Search client and API  search engine for your use.

  • Look up multiple passages
  • Random Chapter and Verse
  • Limit search to specific sections or passages
  • Search for all words, any word or whole phrase
  • Search for words in nearby verses and not just all in the same verse
  • Increase or decrease text size
  • Changable text style
  • Copy text with easy copy mode
  • Switch between verse mode and paragraph mode
  • Advanced search

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